Batterie plomb acide

Battery Features

Batteries plomb acide (DIN/BS) plaques tubulaires produit 100% Européen

Disponible dans toutes le configurations (coffre DIN, coffre BS, vrac)

Large gamme d’accessoires disponibles (sonde led, remplissage automatique…etc)

Catégorie :

Long life of 1500 cycles in accordance with IEC 254-1 standards, guaranteed by using the highest quality materials and latest manufacturing technology.

Low internal resistance value thanks to the use of the highest quality components (including separators) of reputable global producers.

Low self-discharge resulting from the use for the production the best components (including tubular pockets) of the worlds leading manufacturers and special alloys.

High level of safety and mechanical resistance.

Cell containers produced by the leading European manufacturer are made of polypropylene resistant to high and low temperature.

Polyethylene coating of trays applied by fluidization is resistant to shock, acid and any weather condition and provides protection against electrical shock.

1500 cycles IEC254-1.

Nous utilisons des composants de haute qualité et les dernières technologies disponibles.

Capacités depuis 110ah a 1150ah


Positive plate –the grid of the tubular positive plate consists of several lead spines which are joined  together by the upper frame. Spines are being die-casted. These thin lead spines, which are  equipped with small concentric vanes, are covered with acid permeable tubes. Between the lead  spins and tubes is the active positive material. Tubes are being wet-filled. A special lead alloy  which is used for positive plate has an Sb portion 6%.

Negative plate – a lead grid pasted with active material forms the negative plate. Gride are being  die-casted. A special lead alloy which is used for negative grid has an Sb portion 6%.

Separators – Daramic poliethylen, low resistance, high acid proof, microporus material. Negative  plates are wrapped prevented loss active mass

Terminals – are being made from corrosion resistant lead alloy with brass inserted designed to give  minimum resistance.

Container – the cell container is made of PP ,

Lid – is made of PP and equipped with well proven seal for leakage-proof insulation of the terminal  construction. Lid and container are being welded,

Connection –fully insulated flexible copper with full insulated screw with measurements hole,

Electrolyte– sulphuric acid withe a density 1,29g/cm3 ±0.01 @+30oC/max level/full charged cell

Trays -special made tray. Tray are made of steel coated with polyethylene design fluidization method.