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We are specialists in industrial batteries and we have been offering complete solutions for more than 25 years.

Traction, starting and stationary energy, chargers, engineering, we offer high quality products for high performances and long life span.

Quality, professionalism, transparency, our teams of engineers are at your service and will offer you the best solutions.”

Fields of application

You will find a solution for all your needs

Barbillon, tubular plate batteries made in Europe

Traction Batteries

Manufactured in Europe , our batteries are among the most efficient on the market, thanks to it´s tubular construction of the positives plates and some of the best compounds that one can find.


Our products quality has allowed us to be an important player of the market for the last 25 years.

Our Engineers are always looking for the best solutions to ensure that we are delivering the best products and solutions.

We have the following ISO certifications

Why choose barbillon?

  • icon-1Better charging retention
  • icon-1More efficiency
  • icon-1More resistance
  • icon-1100% European quality
  • icon-1Less risks of short circuits fault
  • icon-1Easy maintenance
  • icon-1Competitive prices
  • icon-1High quality post sales department


Lead acid batteries, EN/IEC 60 254-1,2 manufactured according to DIN/BS/BCI/PZV/PZVB, with tubular positive plates.

Long life of 1500 cycles in accordance to IEC 254-1 standards, guaranteed by using the highest quality materials and latest manufacturing technology.

Low internal resistance value thanks to the use for the production of the best components (including separators).

Low self discharge resulting from the use for the production of the best components (including tubular gauntlets).

High level of safety and mechanical resistance.

Cells container are made of polypropylene, resistant to high and low temperature.

Polyethylene coating of trays applied by fluidization is resistant to shock, acid and any weather condition and provides protection against electrical hazard.

The highest quality flexible connectors and screws connecting cells in the battery are fully insulated and provide full protection against short circuits.

We extend battery life by minimizing energy losses generated during battery operation.

electric forklift battery

Barbillon, tubular plate batteries made in Europe

Lithuim Ion batteries

  • 100% maintenance free
  • No emission
  • No charging room needed
  • Charge to 100% in 1 or 2 hours
  • Charge during breaks recommended
  • With only one battery per forklift, you can work 24/7
  • 15 to 20 years of life spawn

Ideal for operations 24/7

The initial investment will allow you to reduce your operating costs, You will no need to constantly buy new batteries.

By removing the need of maintenance, you will increase your workforce efficiency, and reduce the risk of accidents.

Also, by removing your charging room, you can use this free space for profitable activities.

Standby Power

Standby Power

Stationary batteries are used as standby power supply in telecommunications, energy, industry, hospitals, public facilities, railway… Due to the high reliability they constitute a secure source of supply of operating rooms, telecommunications centers, mobile devices, control and protection equipment in power stations and switchboards, emergency lighting systems. They are also use for energy storage in solar, wind, hybrid power plants and in many other systems.

OPzS, OPzV, AGM, we have a solution for all your needs!

OPzS/SOPzS (Solar OPzS)

OPzV (Gel)

NiCd (Nickel Cadmium)

LFP (lithium) 19′ 48V 50,100,150, 200Ah

LFP (lithium) Standard Bloc
12V 50, 100, 150, 200Ah

LFP (lithium) Ebloc

8.6 kWh to 216 kWh

Recombination Plug

Our recombination plug allows you to reduce your operations costs. Combined with our OPzS cells, you will no longer need to refill them or buy expensive technologies like OPzV or AGM. No gases, no need to refill, 25 years life, all the benefits of the VRLA technologies without the disadvantages!

Other products


Conventional or high frequency chargers with modern and friendly led display.


Water filling systems, electrolyte level control, connectors… we have a large offer of solutions that will help to reduce your operating costs and optimize the efficiency of your batteries.

Charging rooms

Optimize spaces, calculate the hydrogen levels, insure your security… our engineers will design your charging room with the latest technology.


Optimize spaces, calculate the hydrogen levels, insure your security… our engineers will design your charging room with the latest technology.


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